My Top Apps, Routines, and Products

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  • Alfred - Award-winning productivity app
  • Dropbox - A folder that syncs
  • Spotify - Music
  • BitBar - Put anything in your Mac OS X menu bar
  • Caret - Beautiful & Clever Markdown Editor
  • Kaleidoscope - Powerful file comparison tool (works on text, images, and folders)
  • Spectacle - Move and resize windows with ease
  • Qbserve - Automatic Time Tracker for Mac
  • Homebrew - The missing package manager for macOS
    • ripgrep - combines the usability of The Silver Searcher with the raw speed of grep.
  • Google Keep



  • Journaling once a week. I send an email to myself that summarizes my week and have a Gmail filter to label and skip the inbox.
  • Sauna twice a week, usually Wednesday and once during the weekend.
  • I setup monthly goals as a note in Google Keep and then pin them for that month.

Morning Ritual

  • Wash face.
  • Brain games. I’m currently using Neuronation.
  • Readwise to review my reading from the previous day.

Night Ritual

  • I stretch with my partner for 10-15 minutes.
  • If I’m not tired, I’ll lay on my acupressure mat.