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Questions are useful prompts for the brain. Tim Ferris got me thinking about questions when he shared 10 questions that changed his life (he’s since released 17 more). There are entire sites dedicated to collections of questions. Below are some of the questions that I’ve saved” and I review them time to time.

Did I fulfill my potential with time I was given today?

What did I discover this week?

Where do you get your dopamine?

What is working?

What isn’t working?

What is giving me energy?

What have you said no to? Better question: what were good ideas that you said no to?

What is draining my energy?

What relationships give me genuine pleasure?

What relationships are toxic?

What is surprising me about the present?

Are my current habits aligned with my goals?

Am I happy doing what I am doing right now?

On a scale of 1-10 how happy and you can’t use 7. (You can’t use 7 because it’s too easy to be wishy washy and say things are ok.” In my world, it’s either a f*ck yes or a no.)

What would I do if no one was watching and success was inevitable in it?

What would I NOT do if I knew for sure it would fail?

What would I do EVEN if I knew it was going to fail.

What am I doing right now because I think I SHOULD do it?

Looking back at last week, how much of my day was spent doing things I actively enjoyed? How’d that compare to the week before?

How’s the weather in your brain?

How am I being complicit in the behaviors that I’m complaining about?

What are your biggest problems right now?

What’s the most impressive thing you’ve done?

What’s the worst hour of your day and why?

If I keep doing what I am about to do today for the next five years, will I end up with more of what I want or less of what I want?

What would I do if my current time available is slashed by 90%? (source)

What activity if you stopped doing now would you start craving?

How can I improve myself? Root for others but compete with yourself.

Am I working on the right level? Do I need to zoom in or zoom out?

What’s the One Thing I can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Who am I becoming?

What did I change my mind on this week?

What gave me energy?

What drained my energy?

What did I learn this week?

From I Owe My Success As A Creative Entrepreneur To These 8 Questions I Ask Every Month:

  • Is this actually working?
  • If you had to stop doing 10% of what you’re doing, what would you abandon?
  • What would you do if you had to launch/finish X in Y days?
  • What work did you most enjoy doing recently?
  • What work did you least enjoy doing recently?
  • What have you learned to do well in the past year?
  • What would happen if you raised your prices?
  • What would it look like if it were easy?

January 6, 2023