Amir Sharif
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How To Ask For Help

Write down a list of specific questions on how you want them to help you.

Put those questions into Google and/or ChatGPT. You’ll likely learn a lot and may no longer need them. If you still need them, you’ll have a list of better questions and you can say things like I’ve seen X, Y, Z, but I’m curious if you would add to this?”

Repeat until you have no more questions or all the questions are very specific.

If you still have questions: Put yourself into their shoes and see what their response is. Include that in your initial outreach to them, ie. I thought you might say something like…”

About 90% of the time after doing this process I no longer need to ask for help.

That being said, if I still want their opinion on something I can ask a hyper-specific question that makes it easy for them to help.

May 2, 2023